Clinical Services

The Psychological Group provides individual and family therapy based on evidence-based applications of cognitive behavioral and behavioral therapy.

We also provide parenting strategies based on:

  • Learning Based Supports
  • Positive Behavioral Supports
  • Applied behavioral analysis

The above therapies and strategies help in addressing challenging behaviors. We also provide therapeutic techniques and teaching strategies in order to improve your bond with your daughter or son.

The Psychological Group’s approach to therapy relies on therapeutic relationships. We believe that a personal connection, safety, and trust are the cornerstones of healthy relationships.

The goal of the Recovery model is to provide opportunities for individuals to develop the skills that will enhance personal resiliency and wellness.

We help our clients in developing their pro-social and coping skills, as they learn to strengthen their ability to nurture change and growth in their lives.
The Psychological Goup’s therapists have over 30 years of clinical experience in providing treatment in multiple in-patient, residential and community settings.

Please contact us for a free telephone or in-person consultation.

The Psychological Group